Avoiding Maine Coon Kitten Scams

It has been brought to my attention that there is a scammer using Classy Maine Coon Kittens. We are in no way associated with this ‘scammer’. Fortunately those who have contacted me did not get scammed. If you are reading this you know my web address is a “.com” address. We are not associated with ClassyMaineCoonKittens.net nor are we associated with ClassyCoons.net.

These are some of the warning signs to alert you of a scammer.

  1. Scammers can only provide you with very few pictures. They will be unable to provide you with photos of that kitten at various stages in its development. Pictures of our kittens will carry our ‘Classy Coon Logo’ pictured below.

  2. Scammers become irritated with questions.

  3. Many scammer’s use only text messages. If you are actually able to talk with someone on the phone ask many questions. If you sense irritation let this be a sign to back away.

  4. If the scammer asked for payment using Western Union, step away.

  5. Scammers will offer these kittens at unusually low prices including ‘transport’ to your door. You will lose your money and never see your promised kitten.

  6. Scammers will use the same pictures on different scammer websites. The websites will go off line for periods of time and you will not be able to access it.

  7. Scammers use Facebook to set up fake pages with ‘Maine Coon Kittens For Sale’. These scammers also use random pictures of kittens that do not belong to them. The link to our official FaceBook profile is below.

  8. Educate yourself and know the legitimate cat fanciers associations. Scammers ignorantly state that the kitten is registered with a ‘dog’ association. A legitimate breeder is knowledgeable of cat fancier associations in the United States.

  9. Scammers lure you with the promise of ‘import’ kittens at prices that seem too good to be true, and they are. We have imported kittens from all over the world and know first hand the expense of bringing a kitten to the US.

  10. If you have any doubt have the breeder send you a video and have them say ‘YOUR NAME’ in the video. Or Facetime with the breeder and your kitten so you can talk to the breeder while seeing the kitten.

  11. Watch for misspelled words on their website, no name or address on the website is a flag.

  12. If you do actually talk to someone a reputable breeder will ask you questions to help them determine that you would be a good pet owner.

  13. Those who have been scammed say they are poor communicators and confusing in conversation.


Our official website is classycoons.com which holds the Standard SSL Certificate. Take a look now at the address bar on your browser. https:// the “s” behind the http indicates you are on a secure website.


Official FB (Facebook) profile

  • We have never nor will we ever sell our kittens on Craig’s List.

  • We typically have no need to advertise our maine coon kittens because they are made available on our website under the “Kittens” tab. Most of our maine coon kittens find their homes through referrals of those who already have a Classy Coon Maine Coon, or from those who found our Maine Coon kittens through our website and have been placed on our notification list.

  • We do not cargo ship, so if you are told by someone pretending to be us, know that this is an impostor. We will meet you at the airport (ATL or GSP) with your new kitten, but will not put one of our kittens in a crate and cargo ship.

  • We do not ask you to use Western Union or send a loaded credit card for payment or a deposit. We accept credit card payments and paypal for deposits.

  • We can be found on FB (Facebook), Pinterest and Instagram. We are transparent and will not hide behind text messages. We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and can provide the reports of our inspections.

  • Classy Coons is registered with both TICA and CFA. Both of these associations are respected across this nation and internationally. This can be verified! Scammers cannot get your kitten registered as a Classy Coon from either of these associations.

  • We are not associated with ACA or ACFA ; therefore if anyone claims a Classy Coon is registered with either of these association this is not an authentic and pedigreed Classy Coon.

  • We do not sell breeding rights but have partnered with a select few breeders who do have Classy Coons Maine Coon Cats in their catteries for breeding. See links below.

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